“rubbing up against science since december 1st 2011”

science friction crew

Founded in December 2011 by a group of six international artists, practitioners and technology afficionados, Science Friction has developed into a solid Danish “Arts and Technology” platform with global reach and local impact. Each member of the Science Friction team brings something particular, through established and evolving networks, expertise and interests spanning contemporary art and curatorial practices, design, scientific investigations, creative cultures, electrical experimentations and software engagement.

We believe that our artist-practitioner-run initiative has the demonstrated potential to engage with sites dedicated to contemporary art and design culture, as well as those representing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and hacker cultures. Science Friction seeks out authentic and raw ways of curating and working with new materials: technological, digital, critical or otherwise, and fuses these with our focus on making a societal impact in Nørrebro and abroad.

Jens Ulrik Jørgensen (DK)
Jacob Remin (DK)
Jakob Bak (DK)
Carl Emil Carlsen (DK)
Jamie Allen (CA)
David Gauthier (CA)
Christian Villum (DK)


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